The My Health My Home campaign and the BEAMA Ventilation Group have created this website to bring together key information on indoor air pollution, otherwise known as poor indoor air quality (IAQ).

As UK homes become ever more sealed up, due to positive steps taken to improve energy efficiency, due care and attention is not always paid to ensuring an adequate air exchange in the home, leading to a build up of pollutants and reduced air quality.

Poor IAQ is linked to a range of serious health conditions that individuals suffer everyday,  costing the UK taxpayer millions of pounds a year in healthcare.

This website is designed to help inform the public, policy makers and key stakeholders about the risks and costs of poor indoor air quality and to offer advice to householders, policy makers and industry on how to improve IAQ – both in new and existing homes.

The resources on this website are designed to be used and shared, so please feel free to do so.

If you would like to find out more about the campaign or speak to someone from BEAMA, please use the contact form on this site or email indoorairpollution@beama.org.uk

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