BEAMA publishes first Ventilation White Paper, Better Ventilation, Better Homes, Better Health

BEAMA News Story - White Paper 2

As indoor air pollution continues to become an ever-growing public health issue, the national trade body for the electrotechnical industry, BEAMA, has published its first Ventilation White Paper entitled Better Ventilation, Better Homes, Better Health. The White Paper addresses a range of measures that, if actioned, can help solve the issues facing the industry and deliver better indoor air quality in UK homes.

Poor indoor air quality has been linked to a wide range of health problems, from allergy and asthma to conditions as serious as lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Indoor air pollution is also responsible for the annual loss of 204,000 healthy life years every year in the UK, as well as resulting in considerable costs to the NHS and the wider economy. One method of combatting poor indoor air is to ensure that your home is properly and continuously ventilated.

In the White Paper, BEAMA has identified two critical areas of concern that are currently facing the industry:

  • The lack of a joined-up approach towards energy efficiency and ventilation
  • Poor-quality installations which are ‘plaguing the industry’

“While very positive steps have been made to improve the energy efficiency of our homes, whether they be newly built homes or retrofitted existing homes, the same cannot be said for improvements in ventilation.”

Dr Howard Porter, Chief Executive Officer, BEAMA

BEAMA is calling on the Government to make indoor air quality a priority by financially incentivising the installation of ventilation improvements and undertaking public education campaigns on the health risks of indoor air pollution and the simple steps that homeowners can take to improve their own home air. The Paper outlines the importance of improving the focus of indoor air quality in Building Regulations and compliance with these Regulations.

“As homes are becoming ever more airtight we need to focus on ensuring that the ventilation industry plays its part in helping to deliver good indoor air quality. Energy efficiency improvements are being made in isolation without due consideration to the unintended consequences of sealing up homes and where installations of ventilation are being made, they are often not up to scratch. Our White Paper aims to tackle all of these issues with a few simple steps that Government could take to help ensure better indoor air for all.”


Keith Ritchie, Chairman of the BEAMA Ventilation Group

To read the full White Paper, please click here.

For more information on indoor air quality, please visit our resources page where we have a variety of infographics and reports that can be downloaded and used as you wish.

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